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Nadya Zakharova
Russia, 2016
Production : École du nouveau cinéma de Moscou

French, English


A poet reads aloud his poem behind the lattice window of a mental asylum; a little Mongolian girl makes fire in a stove and fans the flames as if it were a wolf howl in a steppe. Like a fire, this film grows up from itself in a montage rhythm of motion.

Tënk's film review

Under the auspices of a Gnostic writing on a secret - and therefore excluding - teaching, Nadya Zakharova places herself at the side of the marginalized. Surrounded by animals, their faces bathed in light, these wanderers are figures of holiness. In the montage, a child is a group of hungry chickadees; a bear in a cage, a poet behind the bars of a window; a book in the mud, a shackled lamb... The title tends towards a vitality whose reverse is destruction. Yet water is perhaps the most important element. But how can we distinguish the sound of rain from that of a crackling fire or the wheels of a cart? The relationships between them in the memory of our human community are innumerable. As between the snow in the night and the sparks of a fireplace... showers of light.

Jimmy Deniziot & Roxanne Riou
Pre-selectors for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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Nadya Zakharova

Director, painter, photographer. Born in Perm. Graduated from the Perm College of Fine Arts and the Moscow School of New Cinema. Her diploma film "Fire" received awards in festivals in Russia and Italy.