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Pierre Schaeffer : mémoire / La Recherche (2)

Jacques Perriault, Michel Huillard
France, 1991
Production : Sodaperaga, FR3



Entitled "Research", this second part includes many film extracts. Pierre Schaeffer evokes his research in the fields of music and image, his reflection on musical objects and on the act of memory in the audiovisual field. In his interview, he also discusses the resistance he encountered, particularly at the ORTF, where he directed the Research Department from 1960 onwards, and his difficulties in imposing himself in structures he initiated, such as the INA, from which he was excluded from the outset.

Tënk's film review

In the second part of this interview we discuss, what was, the key word in Pierre Schaeffer's life: research. And Schaeffer's words are a praise to research : a research that is carried out to no avail, at most, he says, "to find a little something, (...) an asperity to cling onto."
To do this, Schaeffer surrounded himself throughout his life with engineers and artists in the institutions he created and directed. First in the field of sound with the ‘Groupe de recherches musicales', then in the field of image ; on television with the ORTF Research Department, a laboratory of experiments incomparable in the history of public broadcasting where, for example, Chris Marker's "La Jetée" and Jacques Rouxel's "Les Shadoks" were born.
Listening to him, one begins to dream of public services worthy of the name, of institutions in which researchers, whatever their field of study may be, would have real room for manoeuvre and substantial resources. Pierre Schaeffer's words are a source of inspiration for new ways of doing...

Fabien David
Programmer of the cinema Le Bourguet in Forcalquier

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Jacques Perriault

Jacques Perriault was born in 1939 and died in 2019, Jacques Perriault was Doctor of State in Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Paris X. He was one of the first French researchers to study the new information and communication technologies, in particular their uses and appropriation.

Michel Huillard

Michel Huillard is a French film director born in 1934. He’s been assistant director on fiction films and has worked mainly for French television (ORTF, FR3, TF1...) making documentaries, particularly on music.

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