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Kateb Yacine, écrivain public

Isidro Romero
France, 1971



Charles Haroche et Isidro Romero ont rencontré l'écrivain algérien Kateb Yacine lors d'un passage à Paris en 1971. Ils évoquent avec lui sa vie et son œuvre littéraire. "Kateb", en arabe, veut dire écrivain, et selon la tradition, écrivain public, poète anonyme.

Tënk's film review

Kateb Yacine describes his ambiguous relationship with the French language, which he sees as “one of the spoils of the war of independence“, and conveys the need he felt a few years after Algerian Independence to build a new connection with Algeria’s language and culture. This interview catches the writer just as he was publishing his play "L'Homme aux Sandales de Caoutchouc", and a few months before setting up home again in Algeria, where he developed a popular, epic and satirical form of theatre, performed in dialectal Arabic, that would lead to his deportation by the Algerian authorities.

Arnaud Lambert

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Isidro Romero

Isidro Romero a réalisé plusieurs entretiens-émissions, notamment avec Jean Cassou, Kateb Yacine ou encore Pablo Neruda dans le cadre de la série produite par le Service de la Recherche de l'ORTF, "Un certain regard".

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