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We Are Become Death

Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2014
Production : local films



Nous savions que le monde n'était plus le même. Certains rigolaient. D'autres pleuraient. La plupart restaient silencieux.

Tënk's film review

Comme dans une insomnie perpétuelle de J. Robert Oppenheimer - un des pères de la bombe atomique - Jean-Gabriel Périot annonce, par un acte poétique puissant, la destruction qui vient.
Le propos scientifique exigerait de parler radiation, pollution, sixième extinction. Les termes politiques préciseraient l’effondrement prochain de notre civilisation. Cet essai cinématographique possède plus de force qu’une explication. L’évidence d’une prise de conscience ?

Pierre Oscar Lévy


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Jean-Gabriel Périot

Born in France in 1974, Jean-Gabriel Périot has directed several short movies at the crossroads between documentary, animation and experimental filmmaking. He has developed his own style of editing that examines violence and history using film and photographic archives. His films, including "Dies Irae", "Eût-elle été criminelle…", "Nijuman no borei (200000 fantômes)" and "The Devil", have received awards in a great many festivals worldwide. His first feature-length film, "A German Youth" opened the Panorama Section of the 2015 Berlin Film Festival before being released in cinemas and winning several prizes in festivals. His latest long movie, "Our Defeats" was screened at the Forum of the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

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