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The Human Factor

Thibault Le Texier
France, 2011
Production : GREC
French, English


In 1914, an engineer on a business trip to reorganise a factory writes to his wife. As he describes the principles of Taylorism, she assimilates these methods and applies them to her everyday chores. Although the husband is eventually very disappointed by what’s known as scientific management, his wife becomes a veritable domestic engineer.

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It’s unusual to come across films of a scientific nature that translate into a documentary form that does justice to their intentions. It’s even more unusual to encounter the cinematographic work of an authentic scientist. A fan of mashup, recycling and re-using images borrowed and filmed by others, Thibault Le Texier is a doctor of economics and a member of the GREDEG, a research centre specialising in economic law and management based at the University of Nice. His studies focus on the history of management and contemporary theories of power. This remarkable documentary tells us a lot about management’s hold over our lives – “what’s good for the factory is good for the kitchen”.
Anyone confined to their kitchen can make documentaries if they’ve got an internet connection!

Pierre Oscar Lévy

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Thibault Le Texier

Thibault Le Texier is 32 years old. He has a PhD in economics and works as a research associate with the GREDEG at the University of Nice. He is the author of “Le Maniement des hommes. Essai sur la rationalité managériale” (La Découverte, 2016). “Le Facteur Humain” is his first film.

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