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Jérome Blumberg
France, 2015
Production : CNRS Images, Le Miroir



Borh in 1930 in Düsseldorf, Simha Arom's family fled from Nazi Germany just after the KristalNacht in 1938. Simha miraculously escaped and managed to pass the Pyrénées and join Palestine in 1944. He then became a French horn player in Jerusalem Orchestra and had the opportunity to travel to Centrafrican Republic to create a brass-band there. This is how he got in touch with Pygmy musicians and spent the rest of his life to decipher and analyze traditional music. Today, at 84, his new challenge is to study Georgian polyphonies. The film accompanies him in his work and his eventful life...

Tënk's film review

I'm used to saying that to understand quantum mechanics, one would have to know the intimate lives of the scientists who worked on the subject. It is rare to find a gracefully filmed and perfectly edited documentary that answers this question: why and how does a researcher discover? Experience the life of a researcher! This documentary makes a a joke out of "genres". You think you're entering familiar territory, following a testimony about the destruction of the Jews of Europe... and then you think you've been in the wrong screening room when you discover the biography of a musician, as you had bought a ticket to see a scientific film. No theory, the simple account of a tortuous and magnificent journey of an ethnomusicologist.

Pierre Oscar Lévy

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Jérome Blumberg

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