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All Creatures Welcome

Sandra Trostel
Allemagne, 2018
Production : Fairy Bot
Français, Anglais


"All Creatures Welcome" explores the world of hackers and nerds at the events of the Chaos Computer Club, Europe's largest hacker association. The film dispels common clichés and draws a utopian picture of a potential society in the digital age.

Tënk's film review

The Hackers from the Chaos Computer Club act as modern day data Robin Hoods. In their international camps, the utopian idea of a free society becomes reality for a few days. The film follows the tribe of nerds, political activists and “other galactic life forms” in a playful attempt to delve into this anarchic diversity of life forms and open knowledge. We realize (with the help of short animated sequences), what it means to view society not as a given fact, but as a material that can be designed and “hacked”. Renouncing glorification but revealing a well-developed sense for inner contradictions, the film portrays a (sub)culture whose concerns have long become mainstream.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann,
curator, author and film educator

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Sandra Trostel

Sandra Trostel is an independent filmmaker from Hamburg. After almost 19 years as editor for documentaries, feature films, commercials and music videos she began pursuing her own documentary projects and created several music videos, among others "Pantha Du Prince", "Deichkind" or "Phantom Ghost". Her first full-length documentary, "Utopia Ltd.", opened the section Perspektive Deutsches Kino at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011. It was shown at further international festivals in Mexico, the Netherlands and Austria, had a cinema run and was shown on German TV. After "Everybody's Cage", a movie on John Cage, "All Creatures Welcome" is her third feature-length film.

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