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La Conférence des Femmes. Nairobi 85

Françoise Dasques
France, 1985
Production : Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir


After Mexico City 1975 and Copenhagen 1980, the United Nations chose Kenya for the 3rd World Conference on Women. Parallel to the official Conference of States is held in July 1985 the Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), in which 12,000 women participate. For ten days, on the University campus, they meet to discuss general and feminist political issues: peace, development, apartheid, Islam, lesbianism, violence and sexual mutilation, Israel/Palestine, etc.

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A small team, made up of the director, Perrine Rouillon on sound and Anne Faisandier on the photography, went to Kenya on the invitation of the Simone de Beauvoir Center to report the excitement and the strength of the proposals of this unprecedented gathering.
The NGO Forum is a political response to the official UN conference and has its routine by creating a space for debate around experiences, projects and political mouvements to lead. It is also an expression of transnational feminism. The choice of Kenya also allows women from countries in the region to participate. They denounce the failure to take into account the economic role of women and underline the weakness or non-existence of government measures since the UN conference in 1975, as well as the absence of women in decision-making roles. The question of the specific oppression of non-Western women will be highlighted by Angela Davis. The workshops of the lesbian women's movements will also be one of the highlights of this meeting.

Nicole Fernández Ferrer
General Delegate of the Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir
with the help of Anne-Laure Berteau

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Françoise Dasques

Taught through direct cinema in the line of ethnographic film (Jean Rouch) and the Ateliers Varan (Varan workshops), Françoise Dasques has notably dealt with various Spanish and Spanish-American themes : "Humberstone, Chile."" (1987); "Paraguay, tierra colorada" (1988); "Espagnoles-françaises" (1990); "Federica Montseny, Minister of the Republic" (1990); "Augusto Roa-Bastos in exile in Toulouse" (1990). Being an art historian, she is now working on the heritage and influence of the French architectural laboratory in the global world of the 19th century.

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