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Vivian Ostrovsky
France, 1984
Production : Jet Lag Production


Women meet for the summer in a Provençal house. In a rather idyllic nature, they get active, paint, do gymnastics, rest, sometimes dressed, sometimes not. They can also be seen inside the house, busy preparing meals and always in the company of animals; cats or chickens. In spite of the fast pace of the images and the wild soundtrack, the atmosphere is serene until the separation, when the holiday is over, at the train station.

Tënk's film review

"It's a bit like putting together a family album from my personal archives," Vivian Ostrovsky said of this film made in 1984. The women of her generation, and those of the next, will also find images corresponding to the period of the creation of communities in the wake of May 1968 with the joyful and festive atmosphere that reigned in the feminist groups of the time. The chopped editing, the scrolling of images that you can't decipher at first glance, the soundtrack by Vivian Ostrovsky and Patrick Genêt, made of real sounds - you can make out the bells of the village church and the rooster crowing - and musical excerpts, which all contribute to constituting what the filmmaker and critic Yann Beauvais calls a "mosaic diary".

Joëlle Bolloch
Member of the board of the Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir
with the help of Anne-Laure Berteau

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Vivian Ostrovsky

Filmmaker born in New York in 1945, Vivian Ostrovsky spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro, then pursued graduate studies in Paris in psychology and cinema. In the 1970s, she co-founded Ciné-Femmes, an organization dedicated to the distribution of women's films. Since 1980 Vivian Ostrovsky has directed more than twenty films, most of them shot in Super-8, which often include found footage, excerpts from fiction, documentaries, or home movies. Her films exploit the theme of displacement, and are situated, according to Yann Beauvais, between "diary films" and "collage films". She also worked on the organization of the Jerusalem Film Festival. Her work has been shown in numerous retrospectives and exhibitions in museums and festivals around the world.

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