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Oiseaux de nuit

Mateo Ybarra
Switzerland, 2018
Production : HEAD Département cinéma du réel


In a well-known queer club in Geneva, Joy Falquet, a young trans artist, fascinates the director. She must be the central character of her film. But, she disappears without a trace. The show on the club's stage is populated by ghosts that we do not know if they are not disappearing, like Joy, fainting in the heart of darkness.

Cinéaste en compétition "The Films After Tomorrow" 2020

Tënk's film review

The flickering of black and white film, end-of-life color video, and the omniscient eye of a surveillance camera: the images in Oiseaux de nuit bear witness to the filmmaker-narrator’s quest to find the transgender dancer Joy, a figure glimpsed one night on the stage of a queer club in Geneva and since disappeared, through the spaces she frequented. As always when one films the search for a vanished person, memory blends with fantasy and facts become phantoms. With great sensitivity, the young Swiss director Mateo Ybarra leads us deep into a ghostly night all the more stirring now that our pandemic era has made the dance floor seem so far away. This fifteen-minute essay reminds us of the mysteries of a populated night and sketches a picture of an offbeat Geneva. 

Nicholas Elliott,
programmer Locarno Film Festival

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Mateo Ybarra

Né en 1992 à Genève (Suisse), Mateo Ybarra suit d'abord des études de production cinématographique à l'Université des Arts de Londres. En 2018, il est diplômé en cinéma, spécialisation réalisation, de la HEAD-Genève (Haute École d'Art et de Design). "Oiseaux de nuit" est son film de fin d'études. Le projet de long métrage intitulé "LUX" qu'il développe actuellement avec Raphaël Dubach figure parmi les 20 projets en compétition dans la section spéciale "The Films After Tomorrow" du Festival de Locarno 2020.

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