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The Devil

Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2012
Production : Local films



Who were the Black Panthers and what did they fight for? Jean-Gabriel Périot gives us a skilful montage of footage from the 1960s set to the music of the Boogers. He shows their fight against racism and their struggle for justice and equal rights, but also gives us a glimpse of the radicalism adopted by some of its members.

Tënk's film review

Afro-American faces that look at us and can never be forgotten. Among them is the face of Fred Hampton. Alongside other figures from the black struggle, the leader of the Black Panthers continues to harangue us from the 1960s in an uncompromising call for insurrection. He was assassinated by the police in 1969. This short film resonates with all the blunders and the ongoing struggles in the United States today. From the race riots 25 years ago in Los Angeles after the beating of Rodney King to the more recent Ferguson Unrest, the race issue continues to enflame American society. 7 minutes to examine what constitutes the legitimate use of force. What traces of this history and the violence of these struggles persist today?

Éva Tourrent
Tënk's Artistic Director


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Jean-Gabriel Périot

Born in France in 1974, Jean-Gabriel Périot has directed several short movies at the crossroads between documentary, animation and experimental filmmaking. He has developed his own style of editing that examines violence and history using film and photographic archives. His films, including "Dies Irae", "Eût-elle été criminelle…", "Nijuman no borei (200000 fantômes)" and "The Devil", have received awards in a great many festivals worldwide. His first feature-length film, "A German Youth" opened the Panorama Section of the 2015 Berlin Film Festival before being released in cinemas and winning several prizes in festivals. His latest long movie, "Our Defeats" was screened at the Forum of the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

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