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No Man Is an Island

Dominique Marchais
France, 2017
Production : Zadig Productions



"No Man Is an Island" travels across Europe, from the farmers working together in the Galline Felici cooperative in Sicily to the architects, craftspersons and elected representatives who collaborate in the Swiss Alps and in Austria. All are engaged in politics through their work and all believe in a common destiny. Is the local level the last possible place for a viable utopia?

Tënk's film review

Since “Le Temps des Grâces”, his first feature, Dominique Marchais has been blazing a fascinating cinematographic trail towards the key question of our times – humankind’s unbalanced relationship with its environment.
In this third and final section of the series, the filmmaker examines alternative economic experiments in which human communities strive for a different rapport with the area, with those who live and work there intelligently with their surroundings. With subtle editing, Marchais eloquently relates the opposition between the globalised economy’s “soilless and battery-farmed” steady flow and a different kind of economy based, once again, on the local area.
Like a spider weaving its web, these alternatives are multiplying the connections between human beings and their environment, and in doing so, are reshaping a new kind of wealth rooted in a local scale, and a new horizon for our societies.

Brieuc Mével
Network Coordinator for Environmental & Sustainable Development Education

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Dominique Marchais

Après une licence de philosophie à la Sorbonne, Dominique Marchais débute comme critique de cinéma pour les Inrockuptibles (1995-1998). Il a également travaillé comme sélectionneur au festival Entrevues de Belfort. En 2003, il écrit et réalise son premier court métrage, "Lenz échappé", sélectionné dans de nombreux festivals en France. Il réalise par la suite "Le Temps des grâces" (2010), "La Ligne de partage des eaux" (2014) et "Nul homme n'est une île" (2018).

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