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filmmaker : Manon Vila
Composer : Moku John
France, 2019
Production : Les Écuries Productions

French, Hebrew


This is the story of a gang of teenage boys from the north-western edge of the Paris region. We follow them in their wanderings, supposedly taking them from the suburb of Cergy to that of Marne-la-Vallée. It's also the story of a gang of duck-rabbits on their way to a party at the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. They are members of the Ygrk Klub. Somewhere between documentary and fiction, we are plunged into the superimposed worlds of the gangs' experiences and fantasies. A portrait of contemporary suburban youth seeking to invent new contours of collective identity, against the backdrop of France in the throes of recession.

Best Short Award - Visions du Réel 2019

Tënk's film review

There's something explosive in this short film. Manon Vila breaks the codes of the suburban film, one by one. But she chooses a slow explosion like a techno beat slowed down by the effect of a drug. Akaboum's youth is a youth that creates, lives and revolutionizes, drunken with alcohol and partying. Halfway between a modern tale and a band film, the films heroes are active, they don't suffer: they go into abandoned cellars to sculpt, transform the train into a chamber of echos for their songs, and above all they set out to attack the cardboard symbols of our times. From the streets of Cergy - and the failures of its urbanistic delirium - to Marne la Vallée and its Eurodisney park, castles and representations are trembling. "Break the cage!" is heard in the soundtrack, delicious and jubilant: "May the revolution be festive and fresh! »

Éva Tourrent
Responsable artistique de Tênk

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Manon Vila

Manon Vila (Paris, 1987) est diplômée de la Haute École d'Art et de Design (HEAD) de Genève et a obtenu un Master en Beaux-Arts de Goldsmiths, Université de Londres. "Akaboum" est son premier film.

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