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No Nos Representan

Irene Muñoz Martin
Suisse, 2019
Production : Bord Cadre films, HEAD Département cinéma du réel

Français, Anglais


Inspired by her own experience as a student of the Fine Arts in Madrid and “an indignant young person” on the Puerta del Sol in 2011, the young director, Irene Muñoz, questions herself on art as the production of identities and its use in the service of power.

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Ripping off an official royal portrait; copying a work of art; conserving placards from demos as museum archives; transposing the buzz of a social revolt on stage… These are some of the determined acts the director carries out or watches other carry out.
Just how easy is it to be original?
In this essay, Irene Muñoz Martin tackles the question of copies and originals to find an ideal and expressive balance between the art of forgery and the spirit of revolution. She searches for something that would symbolise the individual and collective experience. If they don’t represent us, as protesters chanted all over Spain between 2011 and 2015, who does represent us? With self-deprecation, the director plays the omnipotent role of stage director offering a mise en abyme of the difficulty of constructing true democracy.

Jimmy Deniziot & Roxanne Riou
Pre-selectors for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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Irene Muñoz Martin

Born in Madrid in 1991, Irene Muñoz is a Spanish director, production assistant and casting director. Since 2012, she has been living and working in Geneva. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid before gaining a Masters in Visual Arts and a BA in film directing from the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). She has also worked as a production assistant with Alva Film Production in Switzerland. In her latest short, “No Nos Representan”, Irene examines the production and interpretation of images during the Indignados movement in Madrid in 2012.

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