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filmmaker : Cecilia Bozza Wolf
Composer : EVIL FATE
Italie, 2016
Production : ZeLIG

French, English


Two brothers, an exuberant father and an invisible mother. A family of farmers from an Alpine valley where life is rough, as well as manners. The younger son, Gim, is discovering his homosexuality, but the world around him, especially his father, just can't accept that. So the elder son Alex is stuck in the middle, on one hand encouraging Gim to overcome all his fears, on the other trying to continue the tradition of the fathers. In such an exasperated context is hard to recognize the love hidden behind. Will they be able to keep on living together?

Tënk's film review

In “Vergot”, Cecilia Bozza Wolf’s first film, family relationships between men are at the heart of a painful tension arising from a young man’s yearning for love and understanding. From the outset, the camera’s perspective shows a shared participation and observation that is discreet yet intimate. Cecilia Bozza Wolf has chosen a non-chronological narrative to describe the fragility of those who are gradually about to discover an identity different from what is expected by their traditional, marginal, highland milieu.  A delicate, intimate tale, confided to a small team, offering us the portrait of a world made up of multiple solitudes.

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli

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Cecilia Bozza Wolf

Cecilia Bozza Wolf was born in 1989 in Trento (Italy). In 2012 she graduated in art, music and theatre at the University of Padua and wrote her thesis on Federico Fellini, entitled "Il Dolce Mezzo". It was published by the Federico Fellini Foundation in Rimini. She has worked on numerous short documentaries as a camerawoman, in collaboration with the University and the Municipality of Padua. In 2013 she worked on "Hard Rock Mountain", a documentary about the world of climbing in Trentino, as director and director of photography. She joined the ZeLIG documentary, television and new media school in Bolzano in 2014.

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