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The True Tales

filmmaker : Lucien Monot
Composer : Federico Reichel
Suisse, 2017
Production : La HEAD



My father the professor, the politician, the judge, the architect. Memories of those assumed roles merge with my longing for the cinema. Ideas take root, scenarios are written. True stories always have a component of lying: what is important is to tell them.

Tënk's film review

It’s difficult to paint a portrait of one’s parents… Lucien Monot produces one of his father by playing with the genre’s clichés – because filming someone in their day-to-day life or trying to worm information out of them doesn’t always make for much of a movie!
On a more cheerful note, the director dramatises images, both hazy and precise, that he seems to have borrowed from the child he once was, and may have arisen from the simple, bottomless question that’s too often reduced to their profession, “And what does your father do?”
Oddly similar daydreams then emerge, all of an awkward man, on a stage, followed by Baroque music – and the figure of the little sister.
Until the end, which reveals what the film was made of: melancholy… water and dreams.

Jimmy Deniziot & Roxanne Riou
Pre-selectors for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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Lucien Monot

Lucien Monot (1994, Lausanne, Switzerland). Graduated in 2017 from the University of Art and Design in Geneva. His short films were screened and won awards at the Locarno Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and Visions du réel.

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