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My Marlboro City

filmmaker : Valentina Pedicini
Composer : Nikos Veliotis
Italie, 2010
Production : ZeLIG

French, English


Brindisi, Italy. A focal point in cigarette smuggling. The director returns to her hometown to see what’s left of the past and what lies in store for the future. Four characters from four different generations give their versions of life in this Mediterranean metropolis. Nanda, Rino, Salvatore and, Andrea unveil love, prison, the past and hope in Marlboro City.

Tënk's film review

The talented Valentina Pedicini’s first works stem from her origins in Brindisi, a city ravaged by unemployment whose economy up until the 1990s was kept afloat by contraband cigarettes. With this film (made for her graduation), Pedicini returns to her native land to retrace her history in the city that she “loved blindly, always dreaming of what could be and never of what actually was…” A quest for the identity of a place that’s been blurred by memory, reconnecting her personal memory with that of a community that experiences Brindisi in the present. Nanda, Rino, Salvatore and Andrea, and their stories of prison, delinquency, love and hope represent four generations that have stayed in this city. Brindisi becomes one of the places of resistance – both positive and negative –that characterise Pedicini’s films. 

Claudia Maci
Managing Director of Festival dei Popoli 

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Valentina Pedicini

Valentina Zucco Pedicini was born in Brindisi in 1978. She moved to Rome when she was 18 to study philology and Italian linguistics, with a thesis on the Pugliese dialect in contemporary film. She went on to attend the ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media and graduated in film directing with honours. Pedicini also received a grant to study in Belgrade under the director Milcho Manchevski. "From the Depths" (2013) was her directorial debut feature. The project, which was selected for the IDFA Academy and the Berlinale Talent Campus, won the 2012 Solinas Prize. Her latest work is the documentary "Faith" (2019).

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