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Mahmoud Farag
Égypte, France, 2011

Tënk's film review

In this brief but striking political film essay, you never find out who is speaking on screen in a neutral voice. All you see is the person's chest, in a bath or shower, set in contrast to abstract images conjuring a street, then switching to inside the body – cells and blood – probing places where military torture has a left deep-seated and permanent mark. We are held captive by this purposefully understated portrayal of the wrongs suffered in war-torn countries. Highly arresting.

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Mahmoud Farag

Mahmoud Farag est né en 1983 à Alexandrie en Egypte, et décédé en 2012. Artiste plasticien et vidéaste, il a réalisé plusieurs courts métrages et documentaires et a travaillé comme scénariste. En 2012 il a activement participé à des projets photographiques sur la révolution égyptienne.

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