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Lumières fossiles

filmmaker : Lise Fischer
Composer : Insiden
France, 2016
Production : Miyu Productions, Arte France

No dialogue


In the Pyrénées-Orientales department, Jacqueline, 85, retraces the paths that lead to the Pic du Canigou. She is witness to a memory that, little by little, seems to permeate the mountain…

Tënk's film review

There is, on Earth, a kind of witchcraft of connections and entanglements; humankind contains the world within it just as it’s contained by the world. At the core of this second film from Lise Fischer, a rare director, each entity bears witness to the existence of the others, with deference, enhanced in their sensuality by the use of 16mm, and something flows between them. It’s in the still waters of pools that the cosmos gravitates, while the rocky surface adorns itself with human memory and the eternity of a mountain pervades a woman’s skin. Within this symbiosis orchestrated by the editing as well as the escalating scope of the soundtrack, cinema does its thing: the light of a projector becomes lunar, the images weave past and present together, the woman brings, hand-in-hand, all her ages and all her kin to the summit. Lise Fischer has written a love letter to both a relative and the entire mountain.

Charlène Dinhut
Programmer and curator

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Lise Fischer

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