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Los que Desean

Elena Lopez Riera
Spain, Switzerland, 2018
Production : Salvajes, Alina film

French, English


In the south of Spain, a colourfully-painted pigeon race rewards not the pigeon who flies the fastest, but the one who manages to seduce a female pigeon and fly by her side the longest.

Tënk's film review

One of the regulations of the Pigeon-Training Federation that runs the pigeon races featured in “Los Que Desean” stipulates that these competitions are not based on speed but on desire. Elena Lopez Riera’s film embodies this rule in that her film implicitly scrutinises what seems to hide in the depths of the hearts of the men she films. Observing the ancestral game gives way to looking at those that champion it: mirroring their birds, we watch the emergence of what is almost a mating dance by these male characters, glowing in the twilight of the Valencian countryside.

Aurélien Marsais
Programming coordinator at Visions du Réel - International Film Festival Nyon

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Elena Lopez Riera

Elena Lopez Riera was born in Spain in 1982. Her first short film, “Pueblo” was screened at the Directors’ Fortnight in 2015. In 2016, her movie “Las Vísceras” was selected at Locarno, and won the Mikeldi Silver Award at the Zinebi Festival. Her latest short film, “Los que desean” was nominated at the European Film Awards and won the Pardino d’Oro at the Locarno Festival in 2018. She is also co-founder of the audio-visual artists’ collective lacasinegra. Elena Lopez Riera is currently developing her first feature film, “El Agua”.

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