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filmmaker : Damien Faure
Composer : Xavier Roux
France, 2015
Production : Aaa Production

French, English


In the mountains on Yakushima island, in Japan, you mustn't do bad things or the gods will cast a spell on you. So people do their best to get along. But when a typhoon approaches and the winds grow stronger, people carry the gods down on their backs to protect them from the storm.

Tënk's film review

“Nature only exists in a certain relationship. By taking ourselves out of our milieu, we’ve turned it into a mechanical environment-object, […] and this is disastrous.”
Damien Faure opens his film with these words from Augustin Berque, geographer and philosopher and an expert on Japan. The director’s task is to grasp with sensitivity and directness the relationship that the inhabitants have managed to preserve with the mountains, forests and other elements that populate their milieu – in spite of the country’s modernisation that began in the Meiji era.

Brieuc Mével
Network Coordinator for Environmental & Sustainable Development Education

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Damien Faure

"From West Papua to Japan, from geopolitics to philosophy, Damien Faure looks at the world’s silences, inviting us to listen attentively to people and places. His work emphasises certain aspects of the world that have remained in the shadows as well as key points we should examine such as the oppression of various peoples, architectural thinking, humankind’s place in cities, and relationships between living beings, both human and non-human. First of all, he became fascinated by a people whose fate remains relatively unknown, shooting 3 films in West Papua: “West Papua” (2002), “Sampari” (2008), and “La Colonisation Oubliée” (2010). He then began making films about contemporary art, followed by a cinematographic diptych (“MA”) focusing on urban and natural space in Japan with “Espaces Intercalaires” (2012) and “Milieu” in 2015. His films have won awards in several festivals."

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