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Marc-Antoine Roudil, Sophie Bruneau
France, Belgium, Switzerland, 2002
Production : ADR Productions, Cobra films, Cinémanufacture



"Arbres" (Trees) is the story of the Tree and trees. It begins with the Origins and then embarks upon a journey through the world of the tree and the trees of the world. The film reveals the huge differences and slight similarities between the Tree and Man, investigating the fascinating idea that, amongst plants, the tree fulfils the role played by man in the animal kingdom. "Arbres" is a voyage through a new dimension of time and space, in which we meet trees that talk and walk, that are sometimes shy and sometimes crazy… ‘Arbres’ will challenge some received ideas, starting with the premise that though we often notice the animals that run along a tree’s branches, we rarely notice the tree itself.

Voice over : Michel Bouquet (french version) et Marianne Faithfull (english version)

Tënk's film review

Essai poétique, ode au génie végétal, ce film nous amène à redécouvrir l'infini diversité du vivant, bien plus complexe que ce que nous avons pu imaginer jusqu'alors. Etablissant un parallèle vivifiant avec le monde humain, servi par un admirable commentaire, les réalisateurs Sophie Bruneau et Marc-Antoine Roudil nous plongent dans un voyage singulier, la société des arbres. Navigant autour de ces êtres en apparence immobiles, on découvre des capacités qu'on ne pouvait prêter au végétal, comme se défendre, communiquer, partager les nutritions...

Brieuc Mével
Coordinateur réseau d'éducation populaire
à l'environnement et au développemxent durable

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Marc-Antoine Roudil

Born in 1958, Marc-Antoine Roudil started out as a photographer before becoming an assistant to William Klein. He has worked as a studio manager and assistant director on around thirty films for television and cinema, and also directs documentaries. In 1993, he began an artistic partnership with Sophie Bruneau with the short film “Pêcheurs à Cheval”. After this first documentary that won several awards in festivals, they made “Pardevant notaire” together in 1999 followed by “Arbres” in 2002. Three years later, the pair wrote “Ils ne mouraient pas tous mais tous étaient frappes”, a documentary about suffering in the workplace. In 2009, they co-directed “Terre d’usage” with former communist reformer Pierre Juquin.

Sophie Bruneau

Sophie Bruneau, anthropologue de formation, (co)réalise des films documentaire depuis 1993 dont "Rêver sous le capitalisme" (2017), "La Corde du Diable" (2014), "Animal on est mal" (2014), "L’Amérique fantôme" (2014) et, avec Marc- Antoine Roudil, "L'esprit et les mains" (2017), "Madame Jean" (2011), "La Maison Santoire" (2011), "Terre d’usage" (2009), "Ils ne mouraient pas tous mais tous étaient frappés" (2005), "Mon diplôme, c’est mon corps" (2005), "Arbres" (2001), "Pardevant notaire" (1999), "Pêcheurs à cheval" (1993). Elle a cofondé Alter ego films, une société de production indépendante basée à Bruxelles.

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