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Stéphanie Régnier
France, 2013



À portée de regard, l’Europe se profile comme une entité floue. Elle reste inatteignable pour Kelly qui l’observe avec rage. Devant la caméra Kelly rejoue son destin : sa vie sage au Pérou, sa vie clandestine en Guyane française, la famille, l’amour, la débrouille... "Kelly" est en suspens, entre trois continents, trois langues et trois mondes. Sa vie se joue à l’échelle de la planète et se resserre le temps du film dans les couloirs et les chambres d’un hôtel.

Tënk's film review

In a fragile space we meet Kelly: naive, angry, cheerful, amorous and pensive. Time stands still in her steady gaze, which loses itself far out to sea. Her life draws us in through snatches of memories, reeled off one by one. The simplicity with which this film is pieced together, alongside Kelly’s captivating words all blend to create a truly unique instance of stark and indispensable reality.

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Stéphanie Régnier

After graduating from the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, in 2003, Stéphanie Régnier co-founded the project “Syndicat d’initiatives, laboratoire d'expérimentation socio-artistique”, which she developed until 2007 in different urban contexts with various artistic collaborators. In 2008, she attended the Ecole du Doc in Lussas and made two short documentaries, “Nuit”, and “Jacky Jay, chemin des jardins”, which was selected at the Traces de Vie Festival in Clermont-Ferrand. “Kelly”, her first feature-length documentary, was selected for various international festivals and in 2013, won the Jury Jeune Award at the Cinéma du Réel Festival and then in 2014, an Etoile (star) from SCAM (the French Guild of Authors) and the Découverte de la Scam Award. From 2015 to 2017, she directed the artistic programming for the Doc en Mai Festival in Bordeaux before making the medium-length documentary “Eaux Noires”. Filmed in French Guiana, the Creole-language film went on to win the prize for Best Soundtrack at the Sole Luna Festival in Palermo. She is currently busy writing her first feature length fiction, “L’Apicultrice”, which she is developing at the Femis Screenplay Studio. In parallel, she is making a new documentary, “Éloge du Musicien sur les Routes”.

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