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Balolé, the Golden Wolf

Chloé Aïcha Boro
Burkina Faso, France, 2019
Production : Tarmak films, Productions métissées

French, English


"In the middle of Ouagadougou is a granite quarry where almost 2,500 adults and children work in conditions worthy of Dante’s Inferno on the margins of a society that refuses to acknowledge their existence. But in 2014, revolution swept through this place bringing a new awareness and a breath of emancipation, hope and a certain audacity… And so it was that the miners began to imagine a better future by freeing themselves of the yoke of middlemen, and selling the fruit of their labours themselves. The film plunges us into the lives of these miners, revealing their unexpected tenderness and the depth of their souls and reflection. "

Tënk's film review

This documentary is radical… radical because Aïcha Boro makes the connection with the revolution in Burkina, mindful of the self-organisation to cut out the middlemen and make collective decisions… because she spent the time it needed to uncover the key figures in this world with its well-established rules… because she places these people in time, with dignity not pathos, in light of the economic and relational power struggle… and radical because she’s a partner in the discussion rather than an interviewer, allowing the protagonists to question her cinematic act. What these excluded people have to say is incredibly significant and profoundly human, making this hole in Ouagadougou a slice of life, and questioning its future.

Olivier Barlet
Film critic and editor for Africultures

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Chloé Aïcha Boro

Born in Burkina Faso in 1978, Aïcha Boro is a writer and documentary filmmaker. After working for several Burkinabe journals and newspapers (La Voix du Sahel, Le Marabout), she gradually began to move into television and radio, making short films and working as an assistant director and presenter of the programme TV Koodo. Aïcha Boro has made two feature-length documentaries selected for and awarded prizes at several festivals – “Farafin ko” (2014) and “France-au revoir, le nouveau commerce triangulaire” (2016). In 2018, she published her new novel “Notre Djihad de l’Intérieur”. “Le Loup d’or de Balolé” is her latest feature-length documentary.

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