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Yuki Kawamura
Japan, Luxembourg, 2019
Production : Yuki Kawamura, Les films fauves

French, English


During the annual ghost festival in Japan, the director, Yuki, along with his father Munemitsu, embarks upon an emotional journey in the footsteps of Norie. Together they draw a portrait and honour the memory of Yuki’s mother. As they bring her back from the depths of their memories, the two men discover each other and create new, unexpected bonds.

Special Mention - Interreligious Award - International Competition - Visions du Réel 2019

Tënk's film review

We enter Norie very slowly, as if we were entering the warm water of a lake. Thirty years after the disappearance of the mother and the woman they loved, Yuki and his father embark on an intimate investigation across Japan, to reconstruct from traces, correspondence and testimonies, the memories of Norie. In this dazzling black-and-white pilgrimage, punctuated by the O-Bon festival (which each year honors the ancestors), the father and son come together with disconcerting gentleness. From a road-movie to an initiatory journey, Yuki Kawamura leaves us stunned before this great testimony of love.

Armelle Llop
Responsable de la communication et du marketing de Tënk

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Yuki Kawamura

Né au Japon en 1979, Yuki Kawamura est un vidéaste et réalisateur vivant en France depuis 2000. Son premier court métrage de fiction, "Senko" (2008), reçoit le prix Œcuménique au Festival International de courts métrages d’Oberhausen. En 2010, son documentaire "Grandmother" (2010) reçoit le prix du meilleur court métrage au Festival International du Film Documentaire Cinéma du Réel. Trois ans plus tard, il remporte un autre prix au Cinéma du Réel pour son long métrage documentaire "Mirror of the Bride" (2013). "Grandmother", "Mirror of the Bride" et son dernier documentaire, "Norie" (2019) font partie d’une série dédiée aux femmes les plus importantes de la vie de Yuki Kawamura.

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