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Mrs B., a North Korean Woman

Jéro Yun
Corée du Sud, France, 2016
Production : Zorba Production, Su:m

Korean, Chinese
French, English


While illegally leaving North Korea, Mrs. B. is sold by her smugglers to a Chinese farmer. She becomes a smuggler herself and engages in a struggle to reunite with her sons. But the Intelligence Service gets involved…

ACID - Cannes 2016

Tënk's film review

To portray Mrs B., Jero Yun has no choice: it requires total commitment – three years of shooting, China, South Korea and an illegal and perilous trip across South-East Asia. The tale he tells is impressive in its scope. He follows on the heels of a woman who is trying to find out where and how to live, torn between three countries and two husbands. Always in motion, always moving towards an elsewhere, Mrs B. is at home nowhere. Wherever she is, with her children, with her Chinese husband or her North Korean husband, she’s always wondering where to go – in vain. It’s as if her balance were constantly upset by a border, and her private life colonised by geopolitics.

Jérémie Jorrand
Tënk's Editorial and programming Director

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Jéro Yun

Jero Yun was born in 1980 at Busan (South Korea). After studying art, he went to France when he was 21 to study at the Fine Arts School in Nancy, and then at the National Decorative Arts School in Paris, video/photo section. In 2008, he became a resident at Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains, where he made his first films, which have been shown at several international film festivals. In 2010, he shot "Promise", a documentary on the woman who took him in when he arrived in France. His film, "Looking for North Koreans" (2013), has been awarded prizes in many festivals. As a result of his searches of North Koreans in China, he embarked on a cross-media project entitled "The Smuggler", working with the filmmaker and interactive designer, Tawan Arun. The project includes the feature-length documentary, "Mrs. B., a North Korean Woman"; its international premiere took place at the Cannes Festival 2016 (ACID). Jero Yun has also directed two shorts, "The Pig", presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2013 (Directors’ Fortnight) in Cannes, and "Hitchhiker", Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2016.

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