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Benoit Guichon
New Caledonia, 2015

French, English


Kiamou, une ancienne de la tribu de Néouta près de Ponérihouen en Nouvelle-Calédonie, se remémore avec nostalgie sa jeunesse. Elle raconte son quotidien en préparant les feuilles de pandanus qui serviront à la confection des nattes.

Ânûû-rû âboro International Film Festival

Tënk's film review

In parallel with the Ânûû-rû Âboro International Film Festival, a series of documentary workshops are organized for local filmmakers. Thanks to this project we get to hear about what’s happening the other side of the world in Poindimié in New Caledonia. “Kiamou” was made during one of these training workshops, and it offers us a simple, inside view that enables us to get to know Kiamou, a native Kanak who defends the customs and traditions of her tribe. Her life is studied with special attention, as is her view on the world, staring from the sidelines.


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Benoit Guichon

Originaire de Lyon, Benoît Guichon vit en Nouvelle-Calédonie depuis une quinzaine d’année. Avec "Kiamou", il signe sa première réalisation.

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