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les films de l'école ZeLIG

les films de l'école ZeLIG

ZeLIG - School for Documentary is an educational centre based in Bolzano since 1988.
ZeLIG runs a three-year vocational training course in documentary filmmaking. Seminars and lessons are held in Italian, German and English.
Situated in the alpine border city of Bolzano, ZeLIG considers multi-language skills a key to taking advantage of opportunities on a European scale.
An important part of ZeLIG’s mission is its creative focus on this multi-lingual, multi-cultural tradition.
Within this vision, ZeLIG developed, in 2004, also ESoDoc - European Social Documentary, a training initiative supported by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme.

The Moscow School of New Cinema

The Moscow School of New Cinema

The Moscow School of New Cinema is an absolutely unique educational institution. Its key priority is to help students develop "cinematic vision" and only then to teach them the actual "craft". The school aims to educate aspiring directors, screenwriters, actors and cameramen, providing them with the skills and the knowledge of modern cinema. It teaches students to be receptive to the contemporary world and to create "true-life" movies out of this material.

Every year student's films are sent to the world's leading festivals. Films of our students took part and received prizes in the competitive programs of many international film festivals. Among them Cannes Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Moscow International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Kinotavr, Artdkofest, Window to Europe Film Festival and many others.

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Many first films (mostly shorts) by bright-eyed new talent come hot out of film schools and training workshops. Although schools may differ in terms of conditions and constraints, they are all, first and foremost, hives of experimentation thriving with creativity. Shielded from commercial pressures, this freedom breeds films that are spontaneous, cobbled together or carefully crafted, sparking bold innovation and strokes of genius.


Jimmy Deniziot et Roxanne Riou
Pré-sélectionneurs pour les États généraux du film documentaire - Lussas

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