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Gli anni

Sara Fgaier
Italie, France, 2018
Production : Films Grand Huit

Français, Anglais


A woman gives voice to Annie Ernaux’s text “Les Années”, sharing these fragments of a life. Family-life scenes describe the passage of time where each gesture and every face become the expression of a confession that’s both a personal revelation and a collective narrative.

Tënk's film review

Between autobiography and theory, this re-reading of “Les Années” by author Sara Fgaier (who’s also the editor of the visual epiphanies of Pietro Marcello’s films) focuses on the aspect linked to the novel’s images in movement.  The physical contact with the book’s memoirs (the memory of everyday objects and domestic appliances) is transformed in the film into an in-depth look at family life, always on the verge of dissolving to leave room for our imagination. The faces of women in a rapidly and radically changing Italy blend into the phantom identity of a generation in tune with the archetypal wife and mother but still prisoners of time that ratifies the different “selves” as the decades go by. This short, visual, poetic and evocative essay represents the stages of a liberation that’s not yet complete.

Daniela Persico
Programmer and critic

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Sara Fgaier

After graduating in Film History and Criticism, Sara Fgaier worked in New York for a year under the tutorship of Walter Murch. She then went on to make several short films and has won numerous awards as a film editor. She founded Avventurosa, an independent film production company with the director Pietro Marcello, with whom she has worked for nearly ten years as assistant director and then editor and producer. She has also worked as a researcher in Italy and England for the director Aleksander Sokurov.

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