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Retour à l'inouï

Eliot Ratinaud
France, 2017
Production : Université Aix-Marseille - Master "Métiers du film documentaire"



As night falls, some people leave the din of the city for the deafening silence of the forest where the vast open spaces give way to an intimacy of sound between the bodies and the music.

Tënk's film review

Something’s brewing. A kind of magnetism makes faces and vanishing lines converge towards a return trip that is, however, not a return, that’s never been heard before and happens only once. The paradox of the title (starting again and totally novel) fuels this film that harmonises – or causes to collide – elements that are unrelated yet connected:  silence, tumult and music; bodies, intimacy and crowds; human nature and technology; the physical, the sensory and the mental…  It makes palpable the moment of rapture and abandon, when one is transformed into pure thought, and the almost mystical impetus shatters the body, and feeling becomes a force. 

Jimmy Deniziot and Roxanne Riou
Pre-selectors for the États Généraux du Film Documentaire – Lussas

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Eliot Ratinaud

After his History studies in France and Turkey, Eliot Ratinaud began studying documentary film in the Aix-Marseille master's program. He then discovered a cinema which gives way to a form of sensitive research about the world and the human being who lives in it. His first film "Retour à l'inouï", produced as part of the Marseille master's programme, enabled him to explore the sensory dimension of cinema. He then studied at the INSAS in Brussels, in the sound section, while working as a radio author.

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